New Advertising Park Bench That Keeps Looking Good!

Advertising Park BenchAre you embarrassed by your peeling signs, splintered seats and overall unattractive advertising benches? We have the solution! Our advertising benches not only eliminate all of these problems, they are also Eco- and user-friendly!



Our advertising benches exemplify OCCOutdoor’s dedication and commitment to being as Green as possible. Its frames and slats are made from mostly recycled material, like plastic milk jugs. The frames come in three different colors and the slats come in seven different colors.

The sign is backed by a 3/16” thick textured ABS plastic and the sign cover is 1/8” thick UV resistant polycarbonate, designed for many years of service outdoors. Even with this durable construction, OCC Outdoors offers a fifteen-year limited warranty on the frames and slats. This limited warranty gives added peace of mind as it covers cracking, checking, and fading.



The frame takes less than 5 minutes to open and insert a new sign.
This makes changing the ads incredibly simple:

» reverse the two screws about 1½”;
» slide out the end slat;
» remove the old sign;
» insert the new sign;
» re-insert the end slat;
» and tighten the two screws.


This is the solution to providing a quality park bench that will look good for years to come, with little to no maintenance, and keep your ads looking great!


Need an Advertising Bench for Your Site?

Find the perfect memorial bench and advertising bench for your park or outdoor facility at OCC Outdoors:


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