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Green Has Several Forms

Every Aspect of Our Lives Can Support “Green.”

OCCOutdoor's Dave FagelProtecting the environment — or going “Green” — can be supported in many different ways. But it’s not just strictly limited to recycling. There are ways to support Green efforts in other scenarios: in and around our homes, when we’re driving, just to name a few.



Recycling has long been the go-to when it comes to being environmentally sound. Some progressive communities and states even offer incentives for recycling waste. Many are listed on the US EPA site. These are all great programs and should continue to be supported and further supported for continued growth; however, such programs should be taught to our young in order for such programs to grow in support by our cities and states and industrial leaders.

More and more communities and companies adding recycling programs to their list of municipal/corporate responsibilities. Outdoor Creative Concepts has supported recycling by making products from recycled materials, like our park benches, outdoor trash receptacles, and from recycled content, working with communities to meet each communities standards and make recycling more convenient and attractive and affordable. See one of the new products developed for a city in New York.



There are several ways we can all “Go Green” or help the planet such as driving more efficient cars and driving slower or less.

“The Energy Department says gas mileage usually drops over 60 mph, and that each 5 mph over 60 is equivalent to paying an extra 20 cents a gallon of gas. Consumer Reports found that a Camry dropped from 40 mpg to 35 when its speed rose from 55 to 65. At 75 mph, it lost another 5 mpg. One reason: aerodynamic drag increases the faster you drive, requiring more fuel to power the car through the air.”

You can see the complete article here:

There is also an excellent article on several good gas-saving tips that can be viewed here:


In and Around Homes.

Single Recycling & Trash Bins from OCC Outdoors.

One of our largest consumers of energy is our homes. There are many ways to save energy on our existing homes. And many homes meet the Energy Star ratings (; however one way that has not been supported near as much as its benefits and far exceeds any of these in energy savings is earth sheltered homes.

I have been living in a 2400-square-foot earth sheltered home for the past 22 years and my yearly heating and cooling costs are less than $150.00. Comparable sized homes in the same area I live are paying easily 10 times my cost for heating alone. My earth sheltered home is a dome structure that was engineered by a company in Colorado. Living in an earth sheltered home helps the environment by saving energy on heating and cooling, increasing the green space, lower maintenance cost and insurance rates contribute to long-term savings. See the complete article here:

Also one of the best sources of information are the books on Earth Sheltered Housing published by the University of Minnesota Underground Space Center. Although the USC is no longer active, their books are still available.


Look Through Our Green Products

Visit the links below and find the best green products made from recycled materials!


Picnic Tables Recycling Bins Park Benches

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Recycled Steel Content

OCCOutdoors makes every effort to incorporate recycled materials into every facet of the manufacturing process for all of our site furnishings. Unsurprisingly, in today’s ever-growing “Green” conscientiousness, Recycled park benches and trash receptacles are becoming much more popular.


OCC research puts recycled steel at the head of the list!

According to the American Iron & Steel Institute, annual recoup of steel averages around 68%. The amount of reclaimed steel blended in to a new product varies depending on the steel make process, between 16% and 100%. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries states there were 81.4 million tons of steel and iron collected in the United States during 2006.

There is up to 74% energy savings using scrap steel when compared to traditional processing of virgin iron ore. And since the use of recycled steel does not impact standards set by the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM), Outdoor Creative Concepts has continued their endeavors, increasing the recycled percentage in their products. GO GREEN!


Visit the Links Below

And look through all of our products made from recycled material products and find the perfect one for your site!


Green Park Benches Green Trash Receptacles Green Recycling Bins

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36-Gallon Steel Top Dual Recycling Receptacle from OCC Outdoors

Indianapolis to Green City Buildings

Indy Mulls ‘Green’ Municipal Properties

We came across this article at the IBJ. OCC Outdoors is very pleased to see the continuing efforts of Indianapolis businesses and the city to have a positive impact on the environment.

From the article:

Some changes are as simple as relocating thermostats and twisting in new types of fluorescent light bulbs.

“I think a lot of this is just getting back to the basics,” said John Hazlett, manager of the project for the Office of Sustainability. “They’re also looking at the building envelope itself,” he added, noting the potential for improvements such as a new roof.

Later in the article:

36-Gallon Dual Bin Recycling Receptacle from OCC Outdoors
36-Gallon Dual Bin Recycling Receptacle from OCC Outdoors

Overall, the city aims to reduce its total energy consumption by 15 percent to 20 percent, she said. Haley declined to say what the proposals could cost until her staff had time to further digest the recommendations.

Once proposals are analyzed, it will be up to the City-County Council to give final approval. The three energy service companies would then procure materials and contractors. Haley said much of the work could be completed in 2010.

It’s great to see the city of Indianapolis pursuing simple, common sense solutions to grow greener. Also commendable is their aggressive time frame. We hope they will include recycling both inside the buildings and outside in their efforts to green things up.

Just by simply placing recycling bins or trash receptacles in the right spots can make a huge difference.

Want to see more dual-bin receptacles? Visit the links below to find the perfect bins for your needs!


Dual Bin Recyle/Trash Receptacles Other Trash Bins

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