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Save Money with Self-Watering Planters

One of the primary general concerns for planters is the maintenance and care of the flora planted in them. The most obvious solution is to find a way to make planters self-watering.


Why Use a Self-Watering Planter?

Self-watering planters are ideal for commercial use in any cost-conscious business. Outdoor restaurants, shop entrance ways, courtyards and along storefronts — they all can benefit from the low maintenance of a self-watering planter.

These types of planters will help you say goodbye to daily watering by reducing the frequency of your watering schedule. This will help you save money in four ways:

  1. • less maintenance = lower labor cost
  2. • decreases water usage
  3. • fewer plant replacements due to over- or under-watering.


How Does a Self-Watering Planter Reduce Water Usage?

Typical Self-Watering Configuration

Our self-watering planters use a gravity-defying moisture wicking system. This system effectively draws water up from below the roots using a stem tube that acts like a big wick.

The wicking leg brings moisture up into the soil from below the roots. Whatever you have growing in your planter gets watered from the bottom.


How Will a Self-Watering Planter Keep My Plants Healthier?

With self-watering planters, your plants will thrive because they only consume what they need. You will see less yellowing leaves and root rot. These planters also help prevent mold and fungus associated with over-watering. And with less maintenance!

Watering a plant with traditional plant container, the excess water drains out of the hole at the bottom. This not only creates a loss of water: the nutrients in the soil are also lost! It then becomes necessary to replenish the soil with new organic matter — which only adds to your cost.

Self-Watering planters avoid that additional cost because they keep the nutrients within the planter environment better than regular planters.


Why OCC Outdoors?

Our planters are made of the resin from a Linear Low Density Polyethylene, which is a member of the plastic family, formulated to be durable and maintenance free. Made of up to 30% post-consumer recycled material depending on the color with non-porous resin, nothing gets through it and nothing sticks to it. We even blend a UV inhibitor right into the resin.

Proudly Made in the U.S.AThe resin is designed for strength and long lasting durability. The planters are lightweight (easy to move), indestructible, maintenance free, recyclable and the faux-stone blends look much like stone planters.

More importantly, self-watering planters from OCCOutdoors is 100% Made in the USA!


Examples of Our Self-Watering Planters

Self-Watering Planter Round Style from OCCOutdoors
Self-Watering Planter Round Style from OCCOutdoors
Self-Watering Planter from OCCOutdoors
Self-Watering Planter Square Style from OCCOutdoors
Self-Watering Planter from OCCOutdoors
Self-Watering Planter Square Style from OCCOutdoors
Self-Watering Planter Barrier Style from OCCOutdoors


Other Benefits to Self-Watering Planters?

The unique bottom-feeding method produces a vibrant, healthy and colorful display of plants.

  1. • Overflow drain prevents over watering and protects plants located outdoors from becoming waterlogged in the event of a heavy downpour.
  2. • Plants stay healthier with consistent moisture, they only consume what they need.
  3. • Decreased chance of yellowing leaves and root rot.
  4. • Helps prevent mold and fungus associated with overwatering
  5. • Soil Nutrients Retention
  6. • Saves time – no need to constantly monitor the soil’s moisture content to maintain healthy plants.
  7. • Less labor intensive as weeding is virtually eliminated.
  8. • Liquid fertilizers are easily added to the reservoir with constant dilution.


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