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Steel Benches & Receptacles Will Last for Many Decades

Lifetime Durability.

Steel Benches and Receptacles Will Last for Many DecadesProperly installed, an all-metal bench or a receptacle coated with a super TGIC polyester powder coat paint will last on average for 10 to 15 years without needing any attention other than possibly re-coating the receptacle lids that have been severely abraded from heavy use including cigarette burns.


Premium Aerosol

Today’s premium aerosol coatings, such as lacquers, can be purchased at your local building supply store. Premium aerosol does a credible job re-coating small areas. Buffing the affected area with a 400- to 600-grit abrasive removes the steep ridge lines along the edge of the damage, which creates a smoother area to paint.


Other Options

If you happen to be in a very corrosive climate and there are large areas that are deteriorating, consider sending them for a total repaint at a body shop, technical school, or possibly a corrections facility located in your area that has a paint booth. We have found this is less expensive than replacing units with new product.

Iron Curule Bench circa 1875Basically, the steel should be deprived of air and moisture and you’ll get an infinite number of decades of service. This iron curule Italian bench circa. 1875, for instance, is still going strong!

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