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Dual Recycle Bin

OCCOutdoors offers several two streem recycle bins come in many designs; Our Dual recycle bins are available in steel, recycled plastic, stainless steel, customized plaques and in a rainbow of colors, full rain guards and capacities from 18-gallons up to 55-gallons. Our Dual recycle bins designs are one of our most popular and primarily due to their versatility. The dual recycling bin is fast becoming the main street with one bin for trash and the other bin for the bottles, cans, plastic and paper.

We offer one of the best volume discounts in the industry. Please call or enter an order and we will send you your volume quote!

2 stream recycle receptacle with rain guard
Two Stream Outdoor Receptacle Combo

$3,000.00   $2,138.00

Heavy duty 2 stream recycle receptacle
36-Gallon Dual Colonial Recycling Bin

$2,120.00   $1,590.00

Extra heavy duty 2 streem recycle receptacle
36-Gallon Heavy Duty Dual Colonial Recycle...

$2,280.00   $1,710.00

2 bay heavy steel slat 36 gallon recyele bin
36-Gallon Dual Colonial Recycling Bin with...

$3,068.00   $2,290.00

Two Stream Indoor recycling receptacle
Two Stream indoor Receptacle

$2,800.00   $1,995.00

Trash & Recycle bin combo
18-Gallon Stainless Steel Recycling Bin an...

$845.00   $572.00

Dual Recycle bin, recycled plastic
Dual Round Recycled Plastic Trash Receptac...

$1,572.00   $1,179.00

Triple Recycle bin, recycled plastic
Triple Round Recycled Plastic Trash Recept...

$2,294.00   $1,721.00

Dual Recycle BIn
Square Plastic Recycle Bin Two Tone

$1,508.00   $1,131.00

34 gallon ornamental dual recycing bin
34-Gallon Tapered Combo Recycle Receptacle

$735.00   $524.00

Ornamental recycle combo Hammered copper
18-Gallon Tapered Dual Recycle Bin, Hammer...

$695.00   $495.00

2 stream steel slat recycle bin
36-Gallon Steel Top Dual Recycling Receptacle

$1,562.00   $1,172.00




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