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Parking Lot & Traffic Control Products

Parking Lot & Traffic Control Products

When it comes to the workplace, parking and traffic safety are often-overlooked areas of vulnerability. A staggering one out of every five motor vehicle accidents takes place in a parking lot. Though distractions play a keen role in these accidents, certainly. But there's one other major contributor behind the collisions that happen in parking lots: a false sense of security. Motorists and pedestrians expect traffic to move more slowly in a parking lot or parking garage. Caution, then, takes a backseat.

To help keep your parking and traffic areas safe, OCC Outdoors offers a complete line of traffic control solutions, including parking curbs, speed bumps, and parking stops. Our traffic control products are built from high-grade recycled rubber. Ultra-durable and easy to install, they're also eco-friendlier solutions for the environment.

The recycled rubber traffic and parking solutions from OCC Outdoors have a number of other advantages to similar products that use rubber, asphalt or concrete. Durable, our products will not chip, crack, warp or fade. Yet they remain light enough (90% lighter than a standard concrete curb) for single-person installation.

And installation can be temporary or permanent and does not require heavy machinery. Best of all, our recycled rubber traffic control is a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to more expensive options.

Facility managers of parking spaces are not only concerned with the safety of pedestrians and drivers. They must also consider the landscape, architecture, and visibility. To that end, OCC Outdoors also offers tree grates made from recycled plastic and an assortment of lamp posts in two traditions — Washington and New England styles.

Product Features:
Made in the U.S.A.
Best-in-Class Durability
Constructed from Recycled Goods
Up to 3-Year Product Warranty
Hassle-Free Sales Support
Quick Ship Available on Select Products

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