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Bear-Resistant Waste Management Is Important

In many parts of North America, bears getting into trash is a real problem — and not just because the bears can make a mess! Without a bear-resistant trash/waste management system in place, it can become an issue. If that happens, there are very real health implications for both bear and community.


The Dangers of Human Contact

When a bear comes in contact with human food, they run the risk of growing dependent on us for food. That dependency then means that a bear grows less afraid to enter camping areas and, ultimately, residential communities. The end result could end in tragedy — for a human family and for the bear. A properly designed receptacle will discourage this type of behavior.

Take a look at this video from JTPhotos of a bear getting into someone’s trash in Avon, Connecticut:



Could you imagine waking up to that? What if your child or pet stumbled upon a similar scene?


A Growing Concern

But scenes like that one are preventable and the Get Bear-Smart Society believes that minimizing such scenarios is a multi-tiered effort that starts with waste management:

Once a bear gets a taste of human garbage – a box of stale doughnuts, say, or the leftovers from Thanksgiving supper – it will routinely approach communities and other developed areas in search of food.


The OCC Bear-Resistant Solution

We manufacture a modular bear-resistant trash receptacle and recycle bin that keeps bears out of the trash. This design also provides many other benefits and you can pick exactly the design to fit your needs.

Because the modular units come in individual sections, you can choose a single receptacle and keep adding recycle bins to the configuration. Up to five (5) bins can fasten together.


Why Modular?

OCC Outdoor's Bear-Resistant Modular Recycling/Trash BinsThere are quite a few advantages to the modular design:


• Reduced shipping cost.
• Extremely versatile — only buy what you need for your site.
• If damaged, you need replace or repair only the section damaged.
• Easy to handle and install.
• Add as many of any one modular as need (e.g., trash, trash, cans & bottles and plastic).
• Color code each module to for easy identification.


Each unit has a heavy-duty double door latch, easily located in the back, and sandblasted to a smooth, shiny finish. The receptacles are then painted with our OCC zinc advantage paint system, a unique zinc-enriched epoxy powder coat.

Graffiti-repellent. Scratch-resistant. Ultra-Durable. As close to “set it and forget it” as you can get!


Protect your site and visitors with our bear-resistant trash and recycle bins below!

Or find the perfect waste management product for your facility!


Bear-resistant Modular Trash/Recycle Bins Commercial Trash Bins

OCC Outdoor's Bear-Resistant Modular Recycling/Trash Bins
OCC Outdoor's Bear-Resistant Modular Recycling/Trash Bins
OCC Outdoor's Bear-Resistant Modular Recycling/Trash Bins
OCC Outdoor's Bear-Resistant Modular Recycling/Trash Bins

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