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Office and School Recycling Bins

Whether you’re looking for office or school recycle bins that fit neatly next to your desk, or indoor recycling bins that are perfect for centralized locations like a cafeteria or other high traffic area, we have what you need.

We offer a rainbow of colors and capacities - from personal-sized indoor recycling bins to 55-gallon bins – perfect for any indoor environment.

Looking to order a large volume? We offer one of the best volume discounts around. For a volume quote, call us at 1-800-821-7670. Or enter your order by clicking on any of the available recycling bins below.


Decorative Indoor Recycle Bin
  • Save 25% Off MSRP
$535.00 $402.00
Black 17 gallon trash recycle bin
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$334.00 $238.00
Green 36 gallon paper recycle bin
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$500.00 $356.00
Red  17 gallon paper recycle bin
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$334.00 $238.00
Stainless steel trash and recycle combo
  • Save 32% Off MSRP
$1,180.00 $798.00
Half round trash can
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$255.00 $182.00
Cans & Bottles Recycle Bin
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$634.50 $452.00
18 gallon Stainless steel towel bin
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$325.00 $232.00