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Outdoor Trash Receptacles

Outdoor Trash Receptacles, trash cans, waste containers.

Not all trash receptacles are created equal! An outdoor trash receptacle needs to be designed to withstand high traffic volumes as well as adverse weather conditions for years.

We manufacture outdoor trash receptacles to last.

If you’re looking for an outdoor trash receptacle for your office, you might consider one with an ash urn up top so that cigarettes aren’t cluttering up your campus.

However, if you need a trash receptacle that will see an extremely high volume of traffic, you’ll probably be interested a heavy duty outdoor trash can or an inground receptacle with a capacity to hold 56-300 gallons.

With over 80 outdoor trash receptacles to choose from, OCC Outdoors has you covered whether you need bins for residential or commercial areas. Our volume discount is one of the best available, so call us at 1-800-821-7670 for a volume quote, or enter your order on one of the receptacles below. 



Steel slat 45 gallon trash receptacle
  • Save 25% Off MSRP
$971.00 $728.00
  • Save 25% Off MSRP
$1,104.00 $828.00
  • Save 25% Off MSRP
$952.00 $714.00
  • Save 25% Off MSRP
$972.00 $729.00
10 gallon perforated waste receptacle
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$126.00 $90.00
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$263.00 $187.00