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Commercial planters from OCCOutdoors include powder coated metal, recycled plastic, stainless steel, many with a self-watering option. Great for municipal, business, and private sites. Planters are great for adding a color and a touch of nature or as an attractive barrier system. Our commercial planters are used in all types of commercial properties like shopping malls, office buildings, parks, apartments and condominiums. We have a great selection of planters’ designs, colors, options and sizes, small to large commercial planters that can stand up to the elements.

OCCOutdoors offers over 160 different styles of planters, round planters, square planters, rectangular planters, many with up to 12 sizes and up to 20 colors including solid colors and granite colors. Planter styles include vase planters, bowl planters, square foot, Californian Square, Catalina Square, Bamboo planters, conical planters, Garland Vase planters, Californian round, barrel vase, Japanese bowl, step, bowl vase, straight sided cylinder, and contemporary planters.

Our planter collection includes self-watering planters, steel planters, stainless steel planters, recycled plastic planters and range in size up to 60 inches in diameter and weigh over 3000 pounds when filled.


Half Round Planter Terracotta
  • Save 26% Off MSRP
$193.00 $143.00
Half-Round Planter Ash Granite
  • Save 26% Off MSRP
$277.00 $205.00
Quarter Circle Planter Mexican Chili
  • Save 26% Off MSRP
$385.00 $285.00
Quarter Circle Planter Ash Granite
  • Save 26% Off MSRP
$585.00 $433.00
24" Self-Watering Sconce Planter
  • Save 32% Off MSRP
$217.00 $147.00
24" Self-Watering Hanging Planter
  • Save 33% Off MSRP
$236.00 $159.00