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Infinite Elite w/Co-mingle opening

Infinite Elite Recycling Container with Mixed Commingle Top

The Infite Elite Series combines high collection capacity with a polished and modern design. With smooth lines and big style, the Infinite Elite allows for high collection capacity with professional polish. The Infinite Elite model comes standard with a labeled ID band for stream designations and the mixed coomingle  top keeps bags hidden. The bin is durable and completely sealed to avoid leaking

Create your own - Choose the ID Band Color and Label that best fits into your environment.


  • Made in North America
  • Durable and completely sealed to avoid leaking
  • Comes with mixed commingle Top
  • Bags stay hidden under the top
  • Material Tyoe: LDPE - Highly durable Polyethylene material
  • Comes standard with colored ID band with a variety of band color optins for attractive stream designations
  • Includes 2 labels with color coded ID Band
  • Dual Sided Labeling make it an excellent choice for high traffic areas. Labels are clearly visible from bith sides
  • Many color combinations for atractive stream designation
  • Band Colors Available:
  1. Blue
  2. REd
  3. Green
  4. Yellow
  5. Orange
  6. Black
  • Available Labels:
  1. Cans & Bottles Only
  2. Paper Only
  3. Waste Only
  4. Trash Only
  5. Mixed Recyclables
  6. Landfill
  7. Compost Only
  8. Organics Only
  • Can Size & Weight:
  1.      Weight: 16.25 lbs.
  2.      Size: 19.75" d x 24.5" w x 33.75" h
  • Shipping information:
  1.      Box Weight: 20.51 lbs 
  2.      Box Size:  23.44" l x 19.44 w x 32.25" h
  3.      Qty of Cans on pallet:  8
  4.      Pallet Size:  48" l x 46.00" w x77.25" h
  5.      Pallet Weight:   214.08 lbs.







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Recycling Bin - Infinite Elite 37.5 Gallon Recycling Trash/Recycling Bin with Mixed Commingle Top and Color Coded ID Band

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Black Infinite Body and Commingle Top
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