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Millstone Rectangular Self-Watering Planter

Our self-watering planters have a water reservoir in the bottom of the planter with perforated tubes that extend up to the divider, which holds the soil. The perforations allow water into the tubes, yet are small enough to limit soil erosion into the water chamber. The planters are designed to store 8 to 10 inches of water in the reservoir and, under normal growing conditions, these units only need to be filled about once a month. (There is an overflow drain just below the soil level to make sure that the planter is never over-saturated)

Plants flourish best in an environment where they are never under stress. The solution is our self-watering reservoir planters. They never allow too much or too little moisture. Plants need water and oxygen as well as the nutrients they find in the soil. With our planters, the soil is never saturated so air is always available. You can even use water soluble fertilizers tailored specifically to the plants. The results are larger, stronger plants with more vibrant colors and more blooms. Sybertech Planters have the additional advantage of keeping the surface area dry. Therefore, less weed germination and a cleaner presentation is noticed, and deep rooting is encouraged because of the lower water table, promotes superior lush plant growth.

This product is manufactured in Vancouver, Canada so additional shipping cost and customs cost will apply when shipped to the USA.  

• Water reservoir that eliminates daily watering
• Up to 80% reduction in water usage
• Filter column allows water to permeate through the soil encouraging deep root growth
• Dry surface less weed growth
• Overflow drain and large fill pipes on all models
• All our planters have lifting slots built in for ease of relocation round Level Planters


Length________Width_________Height________Water Storage Gallons (US)

55"___________26"___________ 21"_________50.14



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Rectangular Self-Watering Planter

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