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Site furnishings Maintenance

Site Furnishings Recommended Service The following are OCCOutdoors recommendations for maintaining your site furnishings to keep them looking their best and optimizing the life of your site furnishings. These recommendations are for the average environmental conditions. If your area has extreme conditions such as exposure to salt from the ocean or ice treatments used on streets, these recommendations should be increased in frequency accordingly.


Our Zinc rich/supper TGIC paint system is design to have optimum corrosion protection. However like any painted metal proper maintenance can greatly increase the life and beauty of the painted surface by a following a proper maintenance schedule.


We recommend that all painted surfaces be cleaned twice a year with a mild environmentally safe detergent to remove any contaminates that may damage the paint, I.E. salt, road chemicals.

Paint repair

Our paint system is design to reduce rust migration if a unit is damaged or scratched, however if a unit is damaged if is still best to repair it to keep it looking its best and prevent further damage. This can easily be done by cleaning the damage area with a mild detergent and with a fine steel wool directly on the damaged area. Using a good commercial spray paint like commercial Rust-oleum in a matching color, spray 2-4 very lite coats on the damaged area.


Each of our units is Xylene tested for complete state of cure before being removed from our paint line. This insures that our TGIC paint is fully cured and that many paints used to deface can be removed with mild solvents. The sooner the better as with removing any paint.


Any moving parts such as door hinges should be cleaned and lubricated at least once a year to prevent seizing that could result in damage to the hinge. We recommend that the hinge be cleaned with a fine sand paper to remove any debris and use heavy quality grease that will remain in the hinge rather than light oil that runs away very quickly. Note any time during routine maintenance a door opens with abnormal resistance we recommend cleaning and lubrication. In areas where units could become covered by snow during the winter we recommend cleaning and lubrication in late fall.


Anchors should be checked and repaired or replaced if missing to prevent units from tipping.

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