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Stainless Steel Recycling Receptacles

Regardless of design, a stainless steel recycling receptacles, bin simply looks great. Stainless steel is built to last and always looks clean. We offer a variety of stainless steel bins ranging from 14-gallon receptacles to 45-gallon bins. A lot of our stainless steel bins contain recycled materials and are 100% made-in-America. No matter the size or capacity you need in a stainless steel recycling bin, we’ve got you covered!

Many items on the is page are on SALE and are quick ship items!

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18 gallon Stainless steel towel bin
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$325.00 $232.00
Stainless steel trash and recycle combo
  • Save 32% Off MSRP
$1,180.00 $798.00
Stainless steel 18 gallon recycle bin
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$1,065.00 $759.00
Stainless steel side load trash receptacle
  • Save 26% Off MSRP
$1,162.00 $865.00
Stainless steel dual recycle bin
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$1,325.00 $944.00
Stainless steel 39 gallon ash & trash can with side access
  • Save 9% Off MSRP
$1,162.00 $1,056.00
Stainlees steel side access trash receptacle with tray holder top
  • Save 9% Off MSRP
$1,330.00 $1,208.00
3 stream stainless steel recycle bin
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$1,775.00 $1,265.00