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Trash & Waste Receptacles

Great selection of waste cans or garbage containers suitable for every application. Trash receptacles for the office, school city or park.

In terms of trash receptacles, it’s probably better to have more than less. People need convenient places to dispose of their trash. Our selection of trash receptacles includes over 80 different bins to choose from and all made in USA!

Our trash receptacles are perfect for residential or commercial areas. Whether you’re looking for a waste receptacle for your office, you need to fill an entire park with trash receptacles, or simply need one custom commercial trash can, OCC Outdoors has trash cans that meet your needs.

18 gallon trash can
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$205.00 $146.00
18 gallon Stainless steel trash can
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$320.00 $228.00
34 gallon ornamental dual recycing bin
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$775.00 $552.00
Ornamental 34 gallon trash receptacle
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$710.00 $506.00
10 gallon perforated waste receptacle
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$133.00 $95.00
Square 36 gallon Kaleidoscope waste can in black
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$500.00 $356.00
Dual Recycle BIn
  • Save 24% Off MSRP
$1,508.00 $1,143.00
Triple Recycle BIn
  • Save 21% Off MSRP
$1,930.00 $1,527.00