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Recycled cedar plastic slated receptacle with brown dome top and door

This is a heavy duty recycled plastic trash receptacle ready for many years of trouble-free and maintenance-free service. We start with a welded steel frame painted with our zinc advantage paint system, then using all stainless steel fasteners attach nineteen 5/4” x 4” recycled plastic slats that have a limited 15 year warranty. Then we add our heavy duty 32 or 36-gallon rotary molded liner and a heavy plastic dome top and anchor kit, for a truly green receptacle that will last for years!

Each receptacle contains 646 milk jugs saved from the land fill!   

  • Dimensions: Top 28" O.D. x Height 33 3/4", with dome top 43"
  • Heavy duty rotary molded liner included.
  • Our durable Super TGIC powder coat paint  Zinc Advantage sytem. Paint options details
  • Anchor kit included.
  • Weight: 135 pounds
  • Many Slat and top color options.
  • Optional 18-gauge Laser Cut SS Recycle Plaques Available: "Trash". "Cans/Bottles", "Plastic", "Paper", "Recyclables"< "Landfill"< Compost" "Recycle Mobius"
  • Standard Slat Colors  
  1.       Weathered Wood - Standard Color
  2.        Cedar - Standard Color
  • Optional Slat Colors - Call For Quote
  1.      Forest Green - Optional Color, Call for Quote
  2.      Blue- Optional Color, Call for Quote
  3.      Brown- Optional Color, Call for Quote
  4.      White- Optional Color, Call for Quote
  5.      Mink- Optional Color, Call for Quote
  6.      Dark Gray- Optional Color, Call for Quote
  7.      Spice- Optional Color, Call for Quote
  8.      Yellow- Optional Color, Call for Quote
  9.      Red- Optional Color, Call for Quote
  10.      Black- Optional Color, Call for Quote
  11.      Tan- Optional Color, Call for Quote
  12.      Gray - Optional Color, Call For Quote




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Specifications (GB-REC-32-36-SUN-RPT_Recycled_Plastic_Trash_Receptacle_Specifications.pdf, 1,239 Kb) [Download]

Trash Receptacle 32 or 36-Gallon Trash Receptacle with Plastic Dome Top

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Dome top with door 2-Way Open Lid Swing door top Funnel Top with Bug Barrier Funnel Top with 10" Hole Lid with 10" Hole
Black 092 Green 075 Red 137 Yellow 146 Orange 130 Blue 055 White 215 Brown 073 Dark Granite 174 Light Granite 175 Beige Granite 190 Green Granite 165 Brown Granite 164
Weathered Wood and Cedar are Standard Colors. The rest are optional colors and the price depends on the order volume. We will quote based on the order volume.
Cedar Recycled Plastic Slat Weathered Wood Recycled Plastic Slat Spice Recycled Plastic Slat Black Recycled Plastic Slat Brown Recycled Plastic Slat Blue Recycled Plastic Slat Green Recycled Plastic Slat Sand Recycled Plastic Slat Tan Recycled Plastic Slat White Recycled Plastic Slat White Recycled Plastic Slat Gray Recycled Plastic Slat
Includes Mounting Hardware
Includes Mounting Hardware for Recycled Plastic Slat Receptacles
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