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Trash Receptacles and Recycle Bin Replacement Components

OCCOutdoors has a great variety of trash receptacle components. We have several sizes of trash receptacle liners that fit our receptacles as well as other popular brands. We also offer a complete line of trash can and recycle bin receptacle tops. We have steel fat tops and steel flat tops with rain guard or ash urns in many sizes and styles. We have several specialty trash cans and plastic tops like the dome top with a door, 2-way dome top, swing door top, bug barrier top, and plastic tops with trash openings and recycle openings.


  • Save 25% Off MSRP
$201.00 $150.00
  • Save 29% Off MSRP
$90.00 $64.00
45 gallon replacement liner
  • Save 25% Off MSRP
$95.00 $71.00
Large Steel Replacement Top with Rain Guard
  • Save 25% Off MSRP
$206.00 $155.00
55 gallon replacement liner
  • Save 38% Off MSRP
$114.00 $71.00
Large Steel Replacement Top with Ash Urn
  • Save 25% Off MSRP
$206.00 $155.00
  • Save 25% Off MSRP
$114.00 $86.00
24 gallon replacement liner
  • Save 24% Off MSRP
$62.00 $47.00