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Bus Stop Furnishings

Bus Stop Furnishings

Products designed and manufactured by OCC Outdoors have been used in a variety of applications and locations, including restaurants, universities, parks and government offices. A growing number of bus stops and bus shelters have also made use of our benches and waste receptacles for a number of reasons.

Chief among them is our unwavering dedication to durability. Bus stops, train shelters and commuter hubs have unique challenges to consider when purchasing for their facilities:

  • Heavy traffic, sometimes for extended periods;
  • Inclement weather;
  • Loiterers;
  • Visibility;
  • Advertising opportunity.

Durability is key to securing bus stop and transit shelter furnishings that provide a high return on investment. OCC Outdoors offers

Recycled plastic materials can also provide excellent ROI. With its low-maintenance, well manufactured with high-quality recycled plastic do not chip, splinter or require annual repainting. OCC Outdoors offers a wide array of waste management, message center, and table and bench options made from 95-100% recycled plastic. These products help improve your site's functionality and accessibility while being better for the environment.

For centers where vagrancy is an issue, we suggest using anti-vagrant benches that prohibit long-term loitering and sleeping. Our bus stop benches come in a variety of styles and colors. They're fade-resistant, scratch-resistant and, most of all, graffiti-resistant.

Advertising might not be a major consideration when furnishing a bus stop or commuter station. But it can turn into a major funding source of revenue. OCC Outdoors offers a wide array of advertising benches, memorial benches, and tamper-proof information kiosks. Push a company-wide branding message. Honor a loved one or prominent figure. Present important information to employees and patrons.

Exceptional quality meets unparalleled service. If you have special considerations for your bus stop or transit center that require a personal touch or simply want to know more about product details, bulk rates or Quickship options, give us a call. Our hassle-free sales and service team is available when you need them. Together, we'll find the best solution to enhance your bus stop through products that will keep the space clean, functional and welcoming.

Product Features:
Made in the U.S.A.
Best-in-Class Durability
Zinc-Advantage Paint Process (not available on all items)
Generous Product Warranty
Hassle-Free Sales Support
Quick Ship Available on Select Products

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