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This Steel Self-Watering street planter with polyethylene hydroponic insert is constructed with 2" wide x 1/8" galvaneal steel slats mounted on 2-inch double-concentric riser rings for stability and preventing direct ground contact. The steel planter is available your choice of 6 colors. The self watering insert is available only in black.


  • Heavy duty rotary molded self-watering insert
  • Zinc advantage paint system

The OCCOutdoors "Zinc Advantage" painting system is among the very best in the industry and offered on most of our steel products. 

1. A very tough durable finish with 5 times the fade resistance of standard TGIC powder coatings with a 3H pencil hardness. (All test conducted in South Florida.)

2. If scratched through to the metal, the zinc rich primer greatly reduce rust and the potential for the migration of rust.

3. This system is cured and each unit test for cure so many types of paint used for graffiti can be clean with mild solvents.

Our paint manufactures Zinc rich primer TGIC Polyester out last all major competitors on the 4000 hour salt spray test per ASTM B117. Detailed reports available by request.

  • Planter Dimensions with self watering Insert:  32.5" O.D. x 28.25" Tall
    • Planter Weight with self-watering insert: 129 Lbs.
    • Pallet Shipping Dimensions:  36" wide x 40" long x 35" Tall
    • Shipping Weight:   169 Lbs.  (Planter, Skid & Insert)   
    • Soil tray removes easily to off-site location, eliminating public disturbance while planting.
    • Insert is 1/2 filled with water, 1/2 filled with soil.
    • Insert water capacity: 15 Gallons
    • 3 Hydrating wicks draw water from the well of the insert to your plants’ roots via natural capillary action.


  • Water savings -  Main well harvests & stores rain water and nourishes for weeks or months saving up to 400 gallons per year per planter.
  • Eliminates daily watering, reducing liability and labor costs.
  • Your plants grow strong and healthy, and no water’s wasted!
  • After 48 days the WaterWell planter outperformed the conventional planter.

See 27" Diameter Self-Watering Steel Planter available @: http://www.occoutdoors.com/27-diameter-self-watering-steel-planter.html

See 35" Diameter Self-Watering Steel Planter available @: http://www.occoutdoors.com/35-diameter-self-watering-steel-planter.html

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Specifications (32_inch_planter_Insert_Dimensions_and_Steel_Planter_Paint_Details.pdf, 666 Kb) [Download]

32" Diameter Self-Watering Steel Planter

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OCC offers hundreds of color including the standard RAL colors, Architectural series and custom mixed colors. Please contact us with you color requirements. For more details please go to: www.occoutdoors.com/blog/understanding-nonstandard-colors-cost/
Gloss Black Bronze Satin Green Recycle Blue Silver grey Burgundy Ral 3004
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