A Clear View: Advantages of See-Through Trash Receptacles
36-Gallon Main Street Clear View Trash Receptacle

See-through trash receptacles can be ideal for many sites. OCCOutdoors has two styles of clear-view trash receptacles: a small pole-mounted unit and a more conventional-styled trash receptacle, with a top bag retainer in lieu of a liner — like the one in the image on the right.

But this may raise the question:

Why See-Through?

See-through trash receptacles hold many advantages to their covered counterparts. From a waste-management perspective, the most obvious advantage rests in the facility's ability to spot-check the amount of waste in the bin quickly. Nothing complicated — just walk or drive by the receptacle and "eye-ball it."

See-through trash receptacles have been used in airports for decades. Therein lies the second advantage: security. You can better see the contents in the bins and identify any potential problems that might arise.


Open Bag, Trash Receptacles from OCC Outdoors.

With most commercial trash receptacles, there is a heavy-duty liner, made of either rigid plastic or heavy steel. For some facilities, the cost of replacing these liners if stolen or damaged can be a hefty expense. And handling them tends to get unwieldy for many.

However, none of our see-through trash receptacles have rigid liners. This makes our Clear View options cost efficient, as well as easier to manage. They were designed with ease of use in mind and can be mounted to most pole sizes and styles. Additionally, the low-cost of our pole-mounted option means you can install extra repositories for special events. Quickly mount and unmount as needed!

The Clear Advantage

When you need quality waste management and recycling solutions that can save you money and manpower, while simultaneously providing an extra sense of security, our Clear View see-through trash receptacles are options that simply cannot be beat!

Find the perfect waste management product for your site today!

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