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Monthly Archives: December 2013

  1. Trash Receptacle Tops Comparisons

    When selecting a top for a trash receptacle or recycle bin there are several options to consider. OCCOutdoors offers several types of receptacle tops, rain guards and ash...

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  2. Outdoor Benches Built to Last

    Does Expensive always equal Best?

    The most expensive is not always the best product, nor does it guarantee the best value. At OCC Outdoors, we're dedicated to engineering lasting products while being mindful of raw material waste. Wasted materials is a surefire way to drive up manufacturing...

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  3. New Colonial Trash Receptacle

    Custom Designs

    OCCOutdoors designs many products per our customers request and one of our newest is for a trash receptacle design referred to as the “Colonial”. This is a very heavy duty steel slat receptacle designed to compete with other similar products, however as is typical for OCCOutdoors, our cost will...

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  4. Green Has Several Forms

    Every Aspect of Our Lives Can Support “Green.”

    OCCOutdoor's Dave Fagel


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  5. Recycled Steel Content

    OCCOutdoors makes every effort to incorporate recycled materials into every facet of the manufacturing process for all of our site furnishings. Unsurprisingly, in today's ever-growing "Green" conscientiousness, Recycled park benches and ...

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