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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  1. Selecting Trash and Recycling Receptacles That Fulfill Your Requirements

    There are several factors to consider in choosing the appropriate trash and recycling receptacles for your city or town. The follow are concerns or factors that we have heard from customer over the years;...

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  2. Universal Recycling Bins

    Modular Recycling Bins from OCCOUtdoors

    Whatever you call these recycling bins — custom, modular or universal — these are a great way to solve nearly any recycling requirement. The OCCOutdoors' modular recycle bins can be configured into hundreds of shapes and labels, with multiple capacities. And each...

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  3. Helpful Hints to Keep Trash & Recyclables Separate in Public Places

    As a sales representative of OCCOutdoors, you can imagine that I get asked a lot of questions. One of the most common — and in many ways, most important! — question is how to keep people from throwing trash in the recycle bin. There are several...

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  4. Steel Benches & Receptacles Will Last for Many Decades

    Steel Benches & Receptacles Will Last for Many Decades

    Lifetime Durability.

    Steel Benches and Receptacles Will Last for Many DecadesProperly installed, an...

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  5. New Advertising Park Bench That Keeps Looking Good!

    Advertising Park Bench

    Are you embarrassed by your peeling signs, splintered seats and overall unattractive advertising benches? We have the solution! Our advertising benches not only eliminate all of these problems, they are also Eco- and user-friendly!


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