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  1. Customer Feedback:

    Customer Feedback:

    Innovation Through Conversation

    OCC Outdoors takes customer feedback very seriously. It's this feedback — whether positive or critical — that confirms that we're on the right course, that a decision we made was the right one. We're constantly looking for ways to improve the experiences of our customers, whose...

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  2. Are Cigarette Ash Urns Still Needed?

    Are Cigarette Ash Urns Still Needed?

    People Still Smoke

    The undeniable truth is quite simple: people still smoke. In 2015, 15 out of 100 adults in the U.S. still smokes cigarettes regularly. This is down roughly 25% from...

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  3. 4 Insanely Simple Ways To Give Back To Your Community

    4 Insanely Simple Ways To Give Back To Your Community

    Finding the perfect way to give back your community isn't always easy . . .

    Many business owners take pride in the neighborhoods where their businesses flourish. With that pride comes the desire to help to same community. In fact, this desire is driven by the same passion used to propelled their company to success.


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  4. Tree Grates: Steel vs Recycled Plastic

    Tree Grates: Steel vs Recycled Plastic

    When people think of tree grates, they typically think of the grates made from old steel or cast iron. But tree grates made from metal present a number of problems for today's businesses. They are expensive to manufacture. Due to their weight, they're also expensive to ship — especially since most of them are made overseas...

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  5. Headache-Free Freight Claims

    Headache-Free Freight Claims

    7 Tips to Ensure Your Freight Claim Gets Paid-In-Full

    From the bigger stores like Amazon to the more niche markets of Etsy, more and more consumers experience the satisfaction of finding something wonderful online and having it delivered straight to their home or office. With this new convenience, however, comes...

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