Customer Feedback:

Innovation Through Conversation

OCC Outdoors takes customer feedback very seriously. It's this feedback — whether positive or critical — that confirms that we're on the right course, that a decision we made was the right one. We're constantly looking for ways to improve the experiences of our customers, whose satisfaction with their OCC Experience is extremely important to us. From offering volume discounts on select products, to determining the most cost-effective packaging and shipping — the OCCOutdoors team does everything they can save you money without sacrificing quality.

Internally, we utilize the well-established, lean-manufacturing principles of Kaizen: a long-term, systematic approach that seeks to achieve incremental changes in processes specifically to improve efficiency and quality.
Though much of our growth and development is brought on as a result of this internal process, we get a lot of inspiration from customer feedback.

Customer Feedback

We value the feedback that we receive from our customers. Such constructive input reinforces our continued effort to improve the designs of the outdoor furniture that we offer, and helps us identify areas we may still need to review and research.

Many of our new products have been born out of this continued conversation with our customers. Our dual- and triple-Broadway recycle bins, for example, as an example. Customer input also inspired the development of several different models of memorial benches, a sign bench, and our newest trash receptacle — the Catalina.
catalina waste management receptacle

Introducing: The Catalina

The Catalina is one of our most versatile receptacles to date, with several customization options available to fit your exact requirements.

The Catalina is a 24-, 36-, or 55-gallon square top-load bin that can be used for either trash or recycling. The removable side panels, located on the base, can be used as advertising signage. This makes the Catalina not only visually appealing and fully functional for your commercial property, but also perfect for reminding your site visitors about upcoming events or current promotions.

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Our customers' feedback is important to us!OCCOutdoors thanks our many customers for their continued patronage — and their feedback, which continues to help us provide the best service possible.

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View more images of the Catalina Trash & Recycle Receptacle below.


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