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Bear resitant Modual trash and recycle bins

Metal bear resistant trash and recycle receptacles in a modular design, up to 5 units, resist bear entry and painted with of zinc advantage paint system.

The modular system allows you design your recycling bin to meet your needs. A single unit up to five units bolted together and bolted to a common steel rail system elevating the receptacles. The modular system also reduces shipping cost, manufacturing cost and installation is much easier that one big receptacle.

It is easy to replace a single section rather than the entire unit if one should become damaged thus reducing cost.

Available in any of our standard colors and most RAL colors. Addition cost may be added for nonstandard colors RAL colors.

Units can each be painted different colors, I.E. trash black, recycle bins Blue

36-Gallon Heavy Duty Liner Included

Unit sizes

single unit 24" deep x 24" wide x 47tall installed on the rails.

Each addition unit adds 24 1/8 to the width.

You choose your plaques to meet your needs. Standard plaques are Trash, paper, Plastic, Cans/Bottles, Compost, Landfill and Recyclables. Ask your sales engineer about other options.

  • Optional Recycle Mobius Plaque is available

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Product specifications (RECY_Bear_Mod_36.pdf, 278 Kb) [Download]

Bear Resistant Modular trash and recycling bins

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OCC offers hundreds of color including the standard RAL colors, Architectural series and custom mixed colors. Please contact us with you color requirements. For more details please go to: www.occoutdoors.com/blog/understanding-nonstandard-colors-cost/
Gloss Black Bronze Satin Green Recycle Blue Silver grey Burgundy Ral 3004
Stainless Steel "Trash" plaque Stainless Steel "Plastic" plaque Stainless Steel Cans/Bottles Plaque Stainless Steel "Recyclables" Plaque Stainless Steel "Paper" Plaque Stainless Steel Compost Plaque Stainless Steel Landfill Plaque
Stainless Steel "Plastic" plaque
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