Helpful Hints to Keep Trash & Recyclables Separate in Public Places

As a sales representative of OCCOutdoors, you can imagine that I get asked a lot of questions. One of the most common — and in many ways, most important! — question is how to keep people from throwing trash in the recycle bin. There are several different ways to help with this problem, which we have compiled after talking with our customers and recycling engineer partners across North America:


Eleven Tips To Keeping Waste Separate


Outdoor Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Bin with Rain Guard.1. Always place trash receptacles and recycle bins within eyeshot of each other. A trash-recycling combo is preferable.

2. Keep both receptacles emptied, so there is room to add waste or recyclables and keep the odor down to minimum.

3. Size the gallon capacity for the traffic to prevent overflow into the wrong bin.

4. Adjust the recycling bin opening size and shape to promote the targeted recyclable. For example: cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles should be between 3 ½” and 4 ½” diameter.

5. Mark both receptacles very clear from any direction and make it readable for all heights with the proper text and Mobius symbol.

6. Educate the public of the advantages of recycling. You can do this by setting up kiosks and message centers around your facility (or on the recycle bins themselves) stating what your facility and community have already achieved with recycling. If your local school has made strides in sustainability, it’s great to include them here, as well.

7. Add a rubber baffle to the opening of the recycle bin to make it difficult to throw paper trash in the recycle bin.

8. Place bins in key locations with high-traffic for convenience. If necessary, rearrange bin placement to isolate any “trouble spots” your site may have.

14-Gallon Recycle Bin with 3 Openings9. Color code the bins using best common practices. For example, bins colored blue are commonly used for recycling. This common knowledge by now. More importantly, it’s a color that can easily be seen from a distance.

10. Use commingle recycle bins when possible; they are less confusing to the public.

11. Start with educating your visitors. Specifically, set up a community sustainability program that put money back into the community. Or invest in existing programs. Talk to your local schools, particularly K-12, and see if they have already established sustainability program. Helping kids understand the importance of recycling and minimizing litter will do wonders for keeping a clean world!


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